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Hello Hello. I am Uluri, a digital Artist who draws cute things and gore. My Focus is creating a fun community here, not improving my art. If you are having fun, then my art is doing its job.


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Posted by Uluri - 5 days ago

Get your butt out here! i haven't seen you for a whole week! I need your solar power! Give me your rays of light! Stop hiding behind those clouds and get your shiny ass out here because I'm missing my Solar-MP buff so I can draw for more than 10 minutes.

~ ~ someone who draws only in the sunlight



Posted by Uluri - 12 days ago

I've been thinking I would like to work on some comic commissions soon. i'm currently revamping my Comic Commission Page as I post this up because I have a more comfortable understanding of what I want to offer and what I don't. So, now that I have mentioned it, I should give out some imprortant information about ordering a comic Comission from me.

1. They aren't open yet... <u<; Thought I might need to write this. Don't send a request yet
2. Comic Commissions are NOT first come first served. When I open, I will be looking through all commission requests and choosing a story I would want to work on. I want to work on a story I have a lot of interest in.
3. I need a defined story and or script to work on a comic. I WILL NOT take on "Artistic freedom" or "Your choice" commissions. I'm not a writer, and I do not to intend to write your story for you. You need to have one already written out.
4. NO 18+ nor heavy fetish series. I do not intend to draw horny comics.

What is the commission process is like?
When I accept your comic commission, the process of completion will look like this: I will fully Sketch/WIP the entirety of the story before any lining or coloring happens for individual pages. As Pages are sketched, I will send you them for approval or edits for how the story is progressing visually. Once The series is sketched out I can start on the Finalization process of Lining and Coloring (if nesessary) while releasing the pages one at a time as they are completed.

As for Payment, I will be working at $30 per hour as per my usual commission rates. I will be using Paypal invoices. You pick the amount of time you would like me to be hired for in hour or half hour intervals, and I will complete as much as I can during that timeframe. repeat this until the series is completed. If you have a multi-page series I would like to suggest a minimum of 2 hours ($60) to start with to get some of the pages sketched and then work from there.

Stories/themes Uluri has Interest in?
Pokemon, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Magic, shitpost stupidity, cute, Pets Stories, Wilderness environments, animals, monsters, ??? this is more open ended ???

Stories/Themes Uluri doesn't like?
18+, super fetishy, CITY environments (i don't know how to draw), Drama Romance Novel trash where eventually MC gets a random second love interest because a new guy transfered into school even though the main love interest and MC have already confessed to eachother confict BS just to keep the story going plzdontiwontacceptthis.



Posted by Uluri - 3 weeks ago

We are going into the new year, which means it is time for me to set out a general plan for what I want to do. I'll be going over all sorts of what I plan today. BUT FIRST, I shall display my Art Recap for this Year. Do scroll down below for even more news beyond the video.


First up, Websites.
I have been growing my other art sites this past year quite a bit. You can find an extended list here, but here are my Main art sites that I am highly Active on.

Active: Newgrounds | DeviantArt | FurAffinity | Pixiv | Weasyl | Picarto | Inkbunny | Youtube
Semi Active: Furry Amino | Art Amino | PillowFort

Now, Newgrounds and Pixiv are relatively newer for me, but both have been growing at a very steady pace. I am very pleased with these two's progress. Newgrounds is a pretty nice place, but I only post my SFW and Gore there because there are no profile filters for nsfw. Only downside to newgrounds. As for twitter, FUcK TwiTer, it sucks. I hate twitter. im only sharing it because folks are refusing to use anything else but twitter. Their updates are shit, I never see things from people i follow, never know when someone's coms are open, and twitter's bullshit community. I have one, but Im not sharing it because i hate it. Also, if any of you would like to make a Weasyl account, and need someone to confirm you are real, note me (FA/DA/NG/IB/PX) to let me know you need a confirm. They have an anti-spam measure now to prevent spam posts as much as possible. A user on the site needs to vouch for you to gain full access to the site.

Now onto Art for This Year.
I am not going to take as many commissions this year. Right now I still have 2020 coms to do, and once that is finished I have animation and storytime projects I want to work on. I also just got a new art program that I want to try to learn, so I don't want to take comes while practicing an unfamiliar program. I feel it would be best for me to take on commissions later instead.

The future of my art, though, is planned to be Interactive stuff. I want to play with folks and say hi. I want to make videos and storytimes this year on my Youtube http://www.youtube.com/c/Uluri and with that i ALSO want to make artwork for The Music I have Commissioned for myself. I want to use the music I have for projects and create artwork and animations for them. I want to work on "Troublesome Encounter" first if I can. Then REdo an ARtwork for Fragrant Fields.

NOW BACK TO COMMISSIONS! I was thinking I might want to take on some Comic Commissions in the future this year. Or do some more comic work myself. I am not sure what I want to do, but I do want to draw comics. I personally can't write stories, so I may open for commissions for comic creation.

Prices for 2021 Commissions. It is currently at $30/hour. I am pretty comfortable with this right now. I think I will be keeping my prices at $30/hour.


Posted by Uluri - 1 month ago

I think I took on too much the last 3 months of this year. I'm still working on Commissions from October and some current ones from November. I'm almost there. Tough thing is Ima have to stop for a bit in between and work on my Art Recap Video for New Years.

Time.... I lost track of that. just POOOF.

So anyways, I have a couple commissions to post, a chibi gore currently, if I make it two more gore pieces, and a Video. Tomorrow I'll be streaming with Xredmoon I think to work on my video a bit. Gonna be a lot of Dragon Me's being drawn. You guys won't be able to hear what the audio is, though, because I still have that on my phone.

Yup. plans. I got those today.



Posted by Uluri - 1 month ago

Excellent. Your responses today. All of them. wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. I am very pleased with every last one of you today.

-Mass posted across everywhere because every last one of you is wonderful.

my brain feels like sugar. Have night that is good.



Posted by Uluri - December 16th, 2020


For a limited time on orders, Shipping is free from my teespring store. These will be shipped AFTER christmas! My store is filled to the brim with foxes.

Masks $12
Premium Tshirts $25
All over print SHirts $30


Posted by Uluri - December 6th, 2020

I figured since its coming around time, Here are the Main places I reside. Might as well share for folks who want to try out new places. Big ol list for ya with a general idea of what content I post.

Newgrounds | Main Site. I post my General and Gore content on this site.
DeviantArt | Main Site. I post my General and Gore content on this site.
FurAffinity | Main Site. I post everything on this site General, Gore, and nsfw.
Pixiv | Main Site. I post only General rated art on this site.
Weasyl | Main Site. I post everything on this site General, Gore, and nsfw.
Inkbunny | Main Site. I post mostly General and Gore here but some nsfw.
Furry Amino | General rated content only gets cross posted here.
Art Amino | General rated content only gets cross posted here.
PillowFort | I crosspost general and gore here.

Picarto | If you want to watch me stream art and maybe games, follow me here.
Youtube | If you like animations and speedpaints, maybe some storytimes, come and subscribe.

I reside on other sites aside from the listed above, but they aren't sites I am maining. If you want to know more about art sites that I reside and what ones are innactive/abandoned, you can browse my FAQs page: https://ulurifox.wixsite.com/uluri/faqs


Posted by Uluri - December 3rd, 2020

okay okay. I.... I can't stop playing stardew Valley. It is SO FUN andthe music is so relaxing and my gosh I love the Fishing. ALso it is so satisfying to Plop in a bunch of Mellons to the Sell drawer. Been playing with elflord and Kaioku nonstop. It hits all the things I like to do in a game and it just makes me so happy to play. I can... farm aimlessly, Fish forever, Battle Slimes, give terrible gifts to the local people, wear stupid outfits, and have a barn full of rabbits. XD Not to mention multi-player all that together.

I really want to keep playing more. This has been the first time i've been able to play games in so long. Aaaaa, its so so nice to do something other than art and read. I shall now proceed to obsess until I am fully satisfied with myself.



Posted by Uluri - December 1st, 2020

Has Anyone Ever Ordered Prints, specifically Canvas and Photo Prints of Artwork, through Teespring or Redbubble?

One thing I gotta say is that it is REALLY hard to find actual video overviews of products for some reason of various print sites. Folks tend to only pull the item out, but never do any close ups of the products or talk about what it is like. Or are the STores of Local places good with Artwork prints like Staples or Something? Please do let me know


Posted by Uluri - November 28th, 2020

Redbubble has got their Sale going on! The code is DEALS2020

Their sales are anything from 20-60% off! I'll list what products have what sales below

MY SHOP: https://www.redbubble.com/people/Uluri/explore?asc=u&page=1&sortOrder=recent

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50% off Stickers!

40% off Mugs and Sketchbook!

30% off Phone Cases, Socks, Prints

20% off EVERYTHING ELSE (masks, Blankets, puzzles, shirts, clocks and more)

I am also having a Teespring Sale for 10% off with the code FLOOFY

Get 10% off in my teespring store.

My SHop: https://uluri.myteespring.co/