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Hello Hello. I am Uluri, a digital Artist who draws cute things and gore. My Focus is creating a fun community here, not improving my art. If you are having fun, then my art is doing its job.


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Uluri's News

Posted by Uluri - May 7th, 2020

Send me a notice of Interest from my Contacts page: https://ulurifox.wixsite.com/uluri/contact
I will put you on a list to email when I launch my Fox Project Calendar and Prints in November so you don't miss it.

If you don't know what the Fox Project is, I have been working on some high quality artwork with the theme of Foxes all year. I am drawing 12 digital painted pieces of different breeds of fox that I have have selected for a Calander. These pieces will be released in November along with a Calander featuring them all, Prints, Mugs, Blankets, and more. I will be selling the Calander through my DeviantArt, and Prints+ will be sold through my Redbubble.

This Project is thanks to Patreon, Kofi, and Paypal subscribers.

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Posted by Uluri - May 5th, 2020

Right Here: https://www.deviantart.com/comiccollection
Because all DA comic groups except for one are Innactive, and have been for MONTHS. If you post your comics to Deviantart, you can plop them into this group right here.

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Posted by Uluri - May 3rd, 2020

I am hosting an Art Raffle on these art sites

Weasyl ✧ FurAffinity ✧ DeviantArt ✧ Inkbunny

If any of you over here also exist on one of those, you can enter. It is for Feral and Monster characters.


Posted by Uluri - May 1st, 2020

iu_116799_4743501.gif May's fox artwork for my 2020 calendar project has been completed. You can view both the fullview and speedpaint early through my Patreon or Ko-fi & Paypal supporter Discord Server. This artwork will not be released until some time after November 2020.


Posted by Uluri - April 22nd, 2020

To my Current Commissioners
I have not made any progress on Commissions this month, as you can see from my todo list (https://trello.com/b/pv22Kd9u/art-queue). I have not been putting out good art this month, and I want to make sure that the content I make for you all is not art where you can see how poopy I feel. I will make sure that the content I make for you is of quality.

May Commissions are CLOSED
I will NOT be opening commissions on April 25th. I will be finishing my current queue for the month of May instead. Commissions are planned to open May 25th at the end of next month for June completion.

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Posted by Uluri - April 20th, 2020

Suggest Here: https://forms.gle/5C8Gw3WpyyXM9kJh7

- No NSFW suggestions.

- No Art Suggestions for Rewards (very strenuous on my projects & commissions)

I am working on Updating my Patreon/Kofi/Paypal tier rewards, and would like to open up suggestions to everyone. A list of what I am currently planning on changing is also shown in the link above, and I will be updating it if I find Content that I would like to Add.

My Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Uluri

My Kofi: https://ko-fi.com/UluriFox

My paypal: https://ulurifox.wixsite.com/uluri/post/paypal-subscribe


Posted by Uluri - April 12th, 2020

Just some self advertisement. Toss some coffee at me. I'll pretend its cocoa.



Posted by Uluri - April 11th, 2020

I can't catch a frikken pikachu in Poke Go that I can evolve. Every last one that appears is always an event pika that doesn't evolve. AARG! I've not seen a regular one in months!


Posted by Uluri - April 8th, 2020

I feel like not drawing. I dunno if I am procrastinating or just interested in other stuff at the moment. Not lacking ideas or anything, but man I wanna Mess with music, watch videos, Stand outside on the porch to eat the sunrays, chase the cat around with the other cat, stand on the porch again but wearing clothes this time, and doodle trash.



Posted by Uluri - April 3rd, 2020

This journal is just me rambling to pass the time. Might be disorganized.

I've moved to taking my commission discussions through email (from my website) instead of taking Private Messages from whatever site I am on for a good while. I have a lot of reasons why, and also want to ramble about how it has effected me as an artist since I started doing it that way.

The most obvious reason is that I tend to roughly 10+ art sites regularly. Let me tell you how Chaotic it got when I wanted to open comes and take via PM from that site. I only ever advertised on a max of 2-3 of that pile because it took too long to flip between them all to see if I got a note. That means I would have to neglect notifying the watchers on most of the sites I reside about commission openings in order to keep efficiancy in responding to interested people. I remember one time I missed a commission opprotunity forgetting to check on one of the sites for too long.

Oh and organization without a central singular talking zone for commissions was insaine. Note threads on different art sites are all pretty different, and some don't keep a singular thread where I'd need to search notes for all the info I need instead of just click the latest. Organization via multiple sites done individually is rediculously difficult for commissions, and even more so if you also have regular conversations with Notes too. Picking a singular place that all people can access to discuss commissions has really helped me keep incredibly organized, and there won't be any "But I don't have x-site-account" to contact. Emails be nice. Folks got emails. Oh and sending files for the work? Just plop it into the email, too. It's beautiful. All in one place.

And the big boy reason that has had the biggest impact on me has actually been related to anxiety. I have an email dedicated to business. It all goes over there. That has effected my feelings towards the art sites that I reside significantly well. I am not anxious to open up my DA or FA expecting business notes or comments. its all regular social comments now. Putting all the work related stuff serperate from my social medias has created a better environment for me on my own platforms. I don't really get stressed seeing a note wondering if its a com or a helllo, because that actually stressed me out a whole lot more than I realized.

And finally, I'm glad that I can get folks to fill out my form for commissions. A lot of the above stress sometimes came from having to ask for more basic information I would ask for originally about the work that people wanted me to do for them. The biggest missing information tending to be a character reference sheet so that I know what I am drawing. I don't know if other artists have to deal with this, but I used to get notes all the time that would detail a commission they wanted, but I would have to ask for What characters I was supposed to be drawing in the first place all the time. I can't accept a com if I don't know what I am drawing, so when people did that sort of thing it always felt like they wanted to try to spring something extra on after locking a price quote in place. When I would list a Form before on each site individually I think maybe 1 out of every 8 people actually filled it out. Nah man, now everyone be required to fill it out to email so I don't have to pull teeth for basic info. It beautiful.

OH gonna go back to being on different platforms: the commissioner's desired username cedit. It's minor, but I much like that my form asks for what you want to be credited as for where. Some folks be on DA and FA, but maybe they would rather only DA, or even as Anonymous or from a completely different social media or all of them. Much better. I can credit to the owner how they feel most comfortable.

Yeah, I think I'm done rambling.