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Hello Hello. I am Uluri, a digital Artist. I do not upload much of my art on here. Check my other sites for the Full Pile of Garbage I have.



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Uluri News: Art Locations

Posted by Uluri - December 12th, 2018

4743501_154462240971_uluri_ad_sign_by_uluri-dci4qre.gif Heya Hello there, thought I'd give an update for 2018. I am not here very often, and only so to post up a small handful of artwork occassionally still. I like to draw Art for Fun too much for me to feel comfortable posting over here. Most of my content is "Audience Interaction" scribbles and I don't feel comfortable posting scribbles here. This gallery sadly gets only a small fraction of the artwork I ever make. I'm currently posting my favs from this year on Newgrounds, but I've drawn a lot of garbage things this year, too. XD So, if you want to see more artwork, you can check out a good number of the other places I reside.

List of where I reside and What I use it for.
FurAffinity: (sfw/gore/some nsfw) FurAffinity is one of my main sites that I use. You will find nearly all content that I have ever drawn on this site along with plenty of Random journals. I like random topics and trying to chat with my audience. I'll occassionally signal boost other artists over there as well.
DeviantArt: (sfw/gore) FDeviantArt is one of my main sites that I use. I post a good amount of my content over here aside from nsfw artwork, since DA is sort of weird about nsfw artwork with the whole has an 18+ filter where you can select sexual content, but at the same time not allow sexual content in art? So, only SFW and gore.
Weasyl: (sfw/gore/nsfw) Weasyl is one of my main sites that I use. I post everything I would post on FA. But you know what's better? They offer tag filtering so that if you don't like a certain theme of content (say gore) you can block it out. TuT I love that. It always bugged me getting notes on FA/DA of people telling me they're unwatching me because they like everything but the gore art I post occassionally. 
Inkbunny: (sfw/gore/nsfw) Inkbunny is one of my main sites that I use. I post as much as I can on this site. You may occassionally find some nsfw that wouldn't be found on the previous 3. 
Pixiv: (nsfw) This is flat nsfw gallery. I only post nsfw artwork here. Loli Warning.
Picarto: This is where I do Art Streams. :3
Twitter: Garbage. I mostly just retweet aweful stuff I like. I'm on it everyday though.
Youtube: Sometimes I animate once a year. I might be posting Minecraft videos soon. It's rather inactive content wise, but I still love my youtube.

General Reminder: Most of my content is SFW or GORE on my sites. You will be dissapointed if what you are looking for is nsfw art. 

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