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Hello Hello. I am Uluri, a digital Artist who draws cute things and gore.


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­čî▒PROJECTS: Start fo a Spark + OTHERS statuses

Posted by Uluri - 3 weeks ago

Because I've started up work on "FLuff of Terror" again after years, I've gotten a few folks asking about my other series "Start of a Spark". Start of a Spark is still on hiatus. I am currently working on two large personal projects in between commissions, and I will not be working on a third. Each project I work on cuts time for commissions, and each commission I need to take cuts time for these projects, and I am currently an entire month behind on my Largest Project for this year.

For my Current Projects, I have a Patreon/Kofi/Paypal for them to be funded and supported so that I can focus my time I can use on them instead of commissions. If you would like to help support the various projects I am working on currently, check these links below.
Kofi: https://ko-fi.com/UluriFox
Paypal: https://ulurifox.wixsite.com/uluri/post/paypal-subscribe
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Uluri

The Fox Series
This is my largest project this year focusing on a series of High quality, print worthy artworks to be completed by November. the theme is Foxes, and the end result will be the release of 12 Artworks along with High quality Prints and a Calendar. I am currently 1 month behind on this project due to health reasons from last month. I have to cut back on Commissions in order to catch back up with this very time-based project. Art Supporters from the above can see all of the artworks as Early Releases. I also am streaming this work privately now, and Speedpaints when completed are available for viewing as well.

Fluff of Terror
Fluff is my Current ongoing comic that I have decided to pick back up from years ago. The story is about Uluri, and the trouble that they cause to everyone around them. It is updating pages on the first two weekends of each month, and if the series is funded enough each month, I can post extra pages at the end of the month, too. Art Supporters get early access to this as well, and the first week pages are streamed privately as they are funded via my dearest art supporters

Start of a Spark
Indefinite Hiatus. I don't have the time left over between commissions and the above two projects to work on any other projects. I will burn out and miss deadlines. It would be irrisponsible for me to take up anything more.

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