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Hello Hello. I am Uluri, a digital Artist who draws cute things and gore. My Focus is creating a fun community here, not improving my art. If you are having fun, then my art is doing its job.


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🌱I think May Open for COmic Commissions soon

Posted by Uluri - January 9th, 2021

I've been thinking I would like to work on some comic commissions soon. i'm currently revamping my Comic Commission Page as I post this up because I have a more comfortable understanding of what I want to offer and what I don't. So, now that I have mentioned it, I should give out some imprortant information about ordering a comic Comission from me.

1. They aren't open yet... <u<; Thought I might need to write this. Don't send a request yet
2. Comic Commissions are NOT first come first served. When I open, I will be looking through all commission requests and choosing a story I would want to work on. I want to work on a story I have a lot of interest in.
3. I need a defined story and or script to work on a comic. I WILL NOT take on "Artistic freedom" or "Your choice" commissions. I'm not a writer, and I do not to intend to write your story for you. You need to have one already written out.
4. NO 18+ nor heavy fetish series. I do not intend to draw horny comics.

What is the commission process is like?
When I accept your comic commission, the process of completion will look like this: I will fully Sketch/WIP the entirety of the story before any lining or coloring happens for individual pages. As Pages are sketched, I will send you them for approval or edits for how the story is progressing visually. Once The series is sketched out I can start on the Finalization process of Lining and Coloring (if nesessary) while releasing the pages one at a time as they are completed.

As for Payment, I will be working at $30 per hour as per my usual commission rates. I will be using Paypal invoices. You pick the amount of time you would like me to be hired for in hour or half hour intervals, and I will complete as much as I can during that timeframe. repeat this until the series is completed. If you have a multi-page series I would like to suggest a minimum of 2 hours ($60) to start with to get some of the pages sketched and then work from there.

Stories/themes Uluri has Interest in?
Pokemon, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Magic, shitpost stupidity, cute, Pets Stories, Wilderness environments, animals, monsters, ??? this is more open ended ???

Stories/Themes Uluri doesn't like?
18+, super fetishy, CITY environments (i don't know how to draw), Drama Romance Novel trash where eventually MC gets a random second love interest because a new guy transfered into school even though the main love interest and MC have already confessed to eachother confict BS just to keep the story going plzdontiwontacceptthis.




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