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🌱the Long Awaited Remakes???????

Posted by Uluri - February 26th, 2021

Get ready. Its mostly cranky times. Not talking about Snap since I have no interest in it and it also looks pretty darn Fine.
Pokemon Direct Announcement:

Diamond and Pearl
The Long Awaited remake that Even I was hoping to see? Well, it looks like they could have just ported the game in HD to the Switch instead and it be roughly the same. It's not at all how I was expecting they would remake it. All the past remakes brought in the games into the "Current style of the newest game", but they chose to go Chibi-overworld. They overlayed the old game instead of remaking the game into the new style of pokemon which is dissapointing me a good deal.

Now, I like Diamond and Pearl. It was a super enjoyable time to play DP, and there's a good chance I'll still get it. maybe 50/50. But what I wanted froma Switch Remake was for it to be brought into the 3D world like SwSh. DP had a LOT of open spaces and exploration that I felt would have been wild to experience. Eterna Forest is going to sadly be a Top-Down still. The expansive routes will stay as such as well. They HAVE full 3D models of the characters (as seen for battles), but they chose chibi-overworld and to match with the DS version so heavily.

ORAS, though they didn't include the battle tower or island games, Still was brought into the Sun/Moon style when they did the remake. HGSS was brought into the modern style of the time as well. FrLg as well. It just makes me so cranky they didn't for Diamon Pearl.

It's more of a Rehash than a Remake from what they presented. It looks like it'd have been the same thing if they just plopped the DS version onto the switch. Also so much color sateration

Okay. So, I like the idea of traveling around an Early Era Pokemon world. But um.... It's the Sinnoh Region (DP) and they are using Dawn and MC BOY again still? ANd the Starters aren't of The Sinnoh region? Okay, so, I have a lot to unfold with this one. Not all is Negative, and some is actually more critique.

Firstly the Starters. Theory for why they chose Rowlet, Oshowatt, and Cyndaquil is as such. Rowlet (Archer) and Oshawatt (Samurai) being Old time era warriors. I think they didn't have much coice with fire starters so my only though is that a Quilava is close to a Weasel where a Kamitachi is a Weasel Spirit with Sythe Claws so Scythe User. XD Now we have 3 Weapon-Weilders for the Old Era as Starters here. I think that's how that's working.

Now, an observation on the MC Avatars. "Dawn" is barely passing as its just a long haired dawn in ninja garb. Could just be Anscestor. However BOY is literally just the Current Sinnoh Boy MC. He's got a frikken modern hat. The character's clothings are out of place for it being "an old era". More effort into making this feel "old Era" please. Like... are they considering old Era 1000 years or 100, because 100 years was probably just when Professor Oak was a child (celebi movie). And it then wouldn't make that much sense at one hundred i don't think for the region to develope.

Pokemon Cannon History is going to get really funky. The various series tend to keep in mind very heavily all the other series, so i super am curious about that.

Last comment: MY GOSH does it look buggy and unfinished, though. I can't imagine it coming out in only one year. Did you see all the twitching? It's something that seems interesting for me who loves extensive lore, but the visuals and model twitching make me a little concerned as it is.

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