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Hello Hello. I am Uluri, a digital Artist who draws cute things and gore. My Focus is creating a fun community here, not improving my art. If you are having fun, then my art is doing its job.


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­čî▒Minecraft Live. I be Excited

Posted by Uluri - October 16th, 2021

The Livestream Video for those who want to shuffle around: https://youtu.be/w6zLprHHZOk

Alrighty guys,
I am actually pretty happy overall with this minecraft Live announcement and news. The second half of caves and cliffs is coming in a month or two, which is super exciting. Next year's update is the wilds, and from the concept art, they're going to be playing with more than just the swamp biome! New trees, Lots of new mobs are coming it seems, and the Deep Dark is looking to be a nice, scary setting. I am very happy with the horror aspect they are creating with the Deep Dark, and I think they did really well with the Warden. It'd scare the socks off me for sure. I like the sounds theyre using for that mob. 

So, the mob vote is going to be the Music Fairy, Allay, it looks. I am excited to see what this mob will bring considering this one felt like it could bring in a lot of Lore with it. If you think about it, lots of folks mention some vex similarities (and then complained) but that is what gets me excited about them. Allay might offer a lot of lore for the game, especially because it's body feels similar to a Vex. I also can appreciate a mob who likes music. I'm a tad sad I don't get the Glare because of the sheer amount of times I have gotten blown up by creepers spawning in one of my builds I missed a patch of light from, but Allay was my second favorite. It's all good. I will enjoy having more High Fantasy themed mobs in the game, and one that isn't an enemy mob!

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