Entry #4

2017: Will Probably only Post My Fav Art like Once a Year

2017-08-23 15:56:32 by Uluri

Hello Hello Uluri here,

I'd like to inform everyone who happens upon my profile here that currently I am not really an active member of this community, and I'll only be posting up my super favorite personal artworks I create maybe once or twice a year. Just a heads up fo all you fellows. I am uncertain if one day I will decide to try to keep up on this site beyond occassional checking up and posting favorite arts, but chances are this will be all I do. *creeps into shadows*

Over a course of time I will be uploading a couple of my favorite pieces starting back from 2016. There's only a couple from each year that I really really like. If you are interested in checking out all of my works, feel free to visit my Furaffinity or DeviantArt pages. I post literally everything on those two art sites. I like to play around with my watchers on those sites as my characters. I have a bunch of fun with that. X ) 

I look forward to continuing my existance as one of those silent users who just stare at things, but doesn't do much. OH! Also, before I end this announcement, I'd like to mention that I do have a youtube and do crappy animations from time to time as well. Check out my Cruddy Youtube Channel here, and hopefully enjoy. 



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2017-08-24 19:24:50

AH, I overestimated the flow of Art on this site. I don't want to spam the news feed, so I need to space out my artwork appropriately. I was hoping to be able to post a few a day, but that's not going to happen if I can still see my artwork in the new section after an entire day has passed. oh jeeze. maybe 2-3 max until I get them all caught up.


2017-08-26 03:32:01

Neat stuff you got here.
The site is slower these days, as traffic has been stolen by google doctoring search results.
anyway, I hope you do stick around your art would be right at home.