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Hello Hello. I am Uluri, a digital Artist who draws cute things and gore. My Focus is creating a fun community here, not improving my art. If you are having fun, then my art is doing its job.


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Uluri's News

Posted by Uluri - September 18th, 2020

Welp, looks like I started playing Flight Rising again. XD
I just remembered it seeing someone post artwork, and flipped it on. It's been five years since I've played. Ah, but I do actually like the game a lot, life stuff happened and I forgot about it all this time. Gonna play around and maybe breed up a Uluri colored Dragon. I want it to be a Coatyl. And a Kindling(fae) and Sin(Spiral) Dragon. XD But Uluri first.

Also, I like the Fatty lizard dragon they added since I was gone. Bogsneak. They're cute.



Posted by Uluri - September 8th, 2020

STREAMING while this post is up.
- https://picarto.tv/Uluri
- music on

TIP JAR: https://streamlabs.com/Uluri
Donating feeds the Uluri. :D

- visit my Picarto for more info
- $45 Pumpkin YCHs as Pictured Above [LIMITED AVAILABILITY]
- $10 chibi icons
- $15 Bundle chibi
- $20 Fall
- $20 Pixel run
- $55 Pounce

If you can't make it for the stream, you can also order a YCH to be completed at a later date here: https://ulurifox.wixsite.com/uluri/ychs


Posted by Uluri - September 7th, 2020

Or if you can't make the stream, ORDER HERE: https://ulurifox.wixsite.com/uluri/ychs

I will be opening for YCH commissions in stream tomorrow. If you would like to have your commission done while in stream, join at around 9am EST on my Picarto https://picarto.tv/Uluri

You can order any commissions on my ych list linked above tomorrow, but I would like to focus and prioritize Pumpkin YCH commissions in tomorrow's stream. I will be taking payment via Paypal (And will also take DA points as well). Pumpkin YCHs are limited in slots, I only have 5 left!

If you cannot make the stream tomorrow for an in-stream commission, you can always order one to be done at a later date as well. You will be put onto the Queue for work to be completed in te near future.



Posted by Uluri - September 7th, 2020


I just made it a few minutes ago. Pillowfort is a Tumblr-esk art site. I will be uploading here Regularly along with all my other Artsites. I am thinking I'll probably post sfw and Gore on there. Dunno about posting my nsfw over, just my sfw and Gore.

First Impression: feels like tumblr but without the seizure-inducing flashing lights everywhere
Second impression: TAGS that work and a Blacklist! Aaaaahhh.
Third... Ahh new site now gotta figure out how it works. Kinda looks like tags are really REALLY important for finding stuff. Guess i'll make sure to tag my art as best as possible forever.

My first impressions upon joining this site is possitive. Usually when I join a new site I'm overwhelmed and confused, but this one I was relatively easy to understand basic things. it's all in front of me. So, positive rating thus far. WIll be posting here regularly. Will be checking in when I can. Adding this to my "active websites" list. Also, I cna't remember where I heard, but I remember hearing that this site will be open to public in like the year or a year or something. They were thinking about it I remember.

Pillowfort opened an invite-Sharing thread on their twitter if you are looking for invites: https://twitter.com/Pillowfort_soc/status/1302042558189703169


Posted by Uluri - September 6th, 2020

History: Tooth Extraction Occured. Its been a few days. Talking dumb. I'm doing good.

I can finally talk without it hurting much, but at the same time I sound like a Three year old mispronouncing everything ranting about worldly things. I can't make comentary without getting a giggle from everyone around me because some letters vibrate weird and I don't like it. XD

*Uluri Browsing Amazon looking at product photos
Thas noh ewen a weal porson holin at.
(That's not even a real person holding that)

Why phoshom foo on day?
(Why photoshop food on there?)

The chay du-uh ewen exis
(The chair doesn't even exist)

Ah so I leef you aw wis a good day. Hah a Goo day.
(And so I leave you all with a good day. Have a Good day!)



Posted by Uluri - September 5th, 2020

Thank you so much, Cabbage, for being so nice to me. Thank you for snuggling me and purring on my chest to make me feel better all night. Even though I felt like I was dying the first time you crawled on me because you gave me a nightmare doing it while smothering, I really appreciate ya snuggling the whole night. You are such a good kitty, and I feel a lot better now. The purrs were strong.



Posted by Uluri - August 25th, 2020

For next month I am ONLY taking YCHs for commission. I am also opening my Pumpkin YCH for the Halloween season. There is limited slots for this YCH, and it will only be available for this Halloween season.

ORDER HERE: https://ulurifox.wixsite.com/uluri/ychs



Posted by Uluri - August 23rd, 2020

Small Chitter today. I've come to the realization I'm a music commissioner. XD I have this really long list of music I want to get now, and even some creators I specifically want something from now. I've had the list, but its starting to get really really long now.

Music I want (on far right): LINK
Music Already Made for Me: LINK

So, I have a list for music I want to one day get, because although I can draw, some feelings and emotions and stories I feel are expressed stronger in music. Aha, and music is not the medium I am good at. Music is in high demand from me. XD I want to be able to use musics made for me to draw an artwork or in my dumb art videos. Ahhh man, I just have so much in thethink pan that's leaking out.

And then there is the list of music I have already. I've decided that I really do want to make something for each one, so I've started listing which ones I made artwork for or used in a video. I still have A LOT of music I need to use and draw for. Perhaps next year My big art project should be to make Artwork that goes along with the Music I have had made for me.

Yo, if you have music you commissioned, can you share the music and artist if you recomend them? It'll make my list to commission one day longer, but The more the merrier. XD

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Posted by Uluri - August 18th, 2020

Fluff of Terror: TOMORROW around 9am EST

Fox Projects: Friday around 9am EST, Sunday, and Tuesday. I may also start work on another fox thursday.

Private Streams are streams based around alrge projects I am working on for my Art Subscribers from Kofi, Patreon, and my Paypal subscribe. You can gain access to the streams by either joining Patreon or Joining the Discord at the end of the donation links from Kofi and Paypal after the transaction. All will give 1-month access to appropriate tier rewards as well.
Kofi: https://ko-fi.com/UluriFox
Paypal: https://ulurifox.wixsite.com/uluri/post/paypal-subscribe
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Uluri

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Posted by Uluri - August 11th, 2020

The Jiggle Icon YCH has had its price raised to $40, and is now limited to 1 commission order per month. This commission takes a very large amount of time to make, as such the price needed to be raised. I have also decided to limit the amount per month because even at the raised price, this is less than 50% the cost of what the commission would be normally if I priced this by per/hour.

Jiggle Icon can now accommodate Winged Characters, as well as OCs with ear-like appendages like Antenna and Feathers.


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